How does gestational diabetes affect the baby?

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When you are pregnant, several hormonal changes occur in the body which fluctuates the blood sugar level. Gestational diabetes also called pregnancy diabetes is a type of diabetes that develops during the pregnancy period. It's more or less similar to regular diabetes which causes a rise in the blood sugar level. A rise in blood sugar level is a major concern for a pregnant woman. If not controlled through right medications, gestational diabetes will not only affect the mother but also the baby. 

Once the baby is delivered the blood sugar level of the mother will return to normal but there is a high risk of type 2 diabetes in future.

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Complications that can affect the baby

If a woman has gestational diabetes, the need for a C-section delivery increases. The baby might have the following complications:

  • A high blood sugar level in a mother will increase the risk of early labour and she might have to give birth to her baby at a premature stage. Babies who are born at an early often experience respiratory distress syndrome since the lungs are not mature or strong enough to enable normal breathing.
  • Extra glucose in the bloodstream triggers the baby's pancreases to create extra insulin. This makes the baby grow at a fast rate. The baby can grow up to 9 pounds and can go through birth injury.
  • Babies who are born from mothers suffering from gestational diabetes can develop low blood sugar level soon after the birth. This can provoke seizures in a baby and such a situation needs to be taken care of immediately after the birth. Feeding the baby with glucose solution can normalize the blood sugar level.
  • Often babies born in this situation have a tendency to develop type 2 diabetes in the future.

gestational diabetes treatment india


Choosing the right hospital!

Complications can happen in pregnancy but if taken proper measures, the mother can overcome the complications. Srishti Hospital is one of the best fertility clinic in Pondicherry that provides the effective gestational diabetes treatment in India. The team of fertility experts knows exactly what needs to be done in a crisis situation.

So if you wish to deliver your baby at a reliable fertility hospital in India, contact us.


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