Satheesh Vasantham

Author Name : Satheesh Vasantham

Really my family so happy now. Best treatment, 100% positive result......

Lavanya Gnanaprakasam

Author Name : Lavanya Gnanaprakasam

I am very happy as my sister conceived after 5 yrs of her marriage after overcoming lot of struggles in her life.Thank s to Dr.Dash and Dr.Sebanti Dash

Sharl Rajan

Author Name : Sharl Rajan

We are blessed with twins after 6 years of marriage Dr.Dash ,Dr.Sindhu, Dr.Usha  has been with us allthrough.  Dr.Dash the real person behind all this magic. Thankyou Dr.Dash. Dr.sindhu had a lot of patience and passion in what she does. We had challenging situations and she was so understanding. Dr.Usha, thankyou very much. In simple words, they are understanding experts.


Author Name : SNL

Hi all, I am 35 year old female from Canada , with history of ectopics which lead to tubal factor infertility. We decided to be back home ( India) for fertility treatment.We are extremely happy to be introduced to Srishti hospital by one of our relative who had a successful ivf in srishti. The hospital staffs were really helpful and made our fertility treatment very comfortable.Amazing team work by all doctors and staffs.Whenever we reached them with questions, Dr.Dash and team, Dr.Usha, Dr. Sindhu Bhairavi, Dr. Sneha gave us reassurance (without any delay) with their extensive knowledge cum experience. Overall we had a positive experience with Srishti.Considerably low cost is an added advantage to patients at Srishti.We would highly recommend this hospital for patients suffering from fertility problems as we had success with our fresh IVF cycle in the first attempt.We thank all the staffs and team to make this process easier to undergo.

Out station IVF Case, France

Author Name : Out station IVF Case, France

Out station IVF Case, France I am very happy that I found Srishti IVF, after getting desperately discouraged visiting other clinics in Chennai. Your expertise treatment was thoroughly personalized to my individual situation. I’m happy to say that the procedure has resulted in a pregnancy which is now 5 months old. I would highly recommend to anyone, from anywhere, to come to Srishti Assisted Fertility Center, Pondicherry.

Parents of twin babies from Hyderabad

Author Name : Parents of twin babies from Hyderabad

Parents of twin babies from Hyderabad Both of us were ageing and we were trying for a baby for the past 7 years. Numerous infertility treatments in Hyderabad did not get us positive results. Doctors recommended Surrogacy as the last option. After extensive research, we immediately wrote in to Srishti IVF, Pondicherry as it was highly recommended by many of our friends. Their spontaneous response gave us confidence to move forward with our treatment plans. Today, we are proud parents of twins. Our special thanks to Srishti for all the assistance and care throughout our journey. Srishti gave us everything we were looking for. Excellent team, excellent facilities and excellent care! We highly recommend Srishti to all couples considering IVF / ICSI.

I am Blessed!

Author Name : Patient

We were blessed with a healthy girl baby in 2013 with 4th trial of IUI. I referred my 2 friends who were also blessed with baby boys with first trial of IVF in the last 2 years. We are lucky that we got to know Dr Dash. His methodical and confident approach towards the treatment is awesome. His extremely pleasing behavior is a rare thing in the recent days. I would highly recommend every couple who are keen to have a baby to reach out to Dr Dash at the earliest.

thank you shrishti

Author Name : Dr Stabania

I am ever grateful to dr dash, mrs dr dash, dr usha, dr sneha, dr mayilvaganan, all the staff nurses sisters for making my maternity and delivery a wonderful experience. I had visited many places previously none of which could satisfy me, moreover according to my previous doctors I had low lying placenta for which they did not consider me for normal delivery but I wanted to have a normal vaginal delivery so I kept switching to different doctors until I came to Shrishti. I had misconception that they only deal with ivf so I did not visit them earlier but after my visit I learned they provide all sorts of pregnancy and maternity care. All the doctors at Shrishti are not only professionally best but also very caring and friendly and yes I had a normal delivery and a full term pregnancy, I am blessed with a normal healthy girl and my health is good. Myself being a dental surgeon from Dubai I can assure and recommend everyone that Shrishti maintains treatment of international standards, my husband and my family are very happy with the way me and my child were taken care of.. thank you.


Author Name : Brigitte Vink

Hello I am Brigitte Vink. 38 years and from the Netherlands. I am living in India Auroville since many years and I am the projectleader of a Trust organisation here in Pondicherry. I am single mom since last January 2018. In that month my son Daniel born. I wanted to have a baby on my own as I am not having a husband ( before I was having some relationship but this men doesn’t want children) So it was possible to do it with donor sperm. I have find my own donor on a website surrogate finder because I wanted to know about his qualities , character and health etc.. In January 2016 I have started with IUI for 2 times and later with IVF. Because my eggs were on the low side. I have done 3 times IVF treatment. The first time it was a ectopical pregnancy, 2e time a miscarry and the 3e time it was fully succed. I was happy that I could speak about my wishes during the proces. Because I am from the Netherlands and some things they doing there different. For example I wanted a normal delivery after the IVF. Many things I could discuss with docter Dash and Docter Shindhu and in the beginning of my treatment with docter Jisha. They have supported me in idears I had and I had a normal delivery by induction. Because of the water level came down in the womb. Baby born one week before delivery calculation date. The thing I appreciated here more what is not possible in the Netherlands was that you can place more embryo’s. In my country it is normally not possible to place 3 embryo’s by IVF treatment. Here it was possible and because of that the pregnancy change is much higher! Thanks to all of you docters as I mentioned above and also docter Nagalingam. I am very happy with my son!!! Much greetings Brigitte

Blessed with Twin babies

Author Name : Shanthine Thiyagasundar

Hello, Good Day... We are extermely happy at the moment and in furture too because we are blessed with twin babies after 5 years of our marriage and only reason behind our happiness is Shishti Hospital. I would like to thank all doctors, nurses and support staffs. VERY SPECIAL THANK TO DR. SINDHU BAIRAVI BECAUSE WE REMEMBER THE FIRST DAY WHEN WE MET THE DOCTOR AND SHE PROVIDED US SUPPORT THROUGH OUT OUR TREATMENT. Thank you...

Blessed with Twin babies

Author Name : Shanthine Thiyagasundar

Hello, Good Day... We are extermely happy at the moment and in furture too because of we blessed with twin babies after 5 years of our marriage and only reason behind our happiness is Shishti Hospital. I would like to thank all doctors, nurses and support staffs. VERY SPECIAL THANK TO DR. SINDHU BAIRAVI BECAUSE WE REMEMBER THE FIRST DAY WHEN WE MET THE DOCTOR AND SHE TAKEN CARE THROUGH OUT OUR COURSE OF TREATMENT. DOCTOR IS VERY SPECIALIZED AND EXTREME TALENTED TO ACHIEVE SUCCESSFUL RESULTS. THANK YOU...

Balaji Soffana Dubai UAE Thanks to SRISHTI Hospital for he

Author Name : Soffana Balaji

For past 6yrs we were trying for baby but no luck. we visited a fertility center in Sharjah,couple of yrs ago for IVF but that failed.We heard about SRISHTI,having high success rate.When we visited initially we were afraid due to previous failure,but as and when treatment started we got confidence.By gods grace and Dr'S help,we are blessed with an ANGEL.Special thanks to Dr.Sindhu,Sneha,Usha, we were amazed by there patience and friendly behavior that made us comfortable to ask all our queries.Thanks to Dr.Dash,Dr.SebantiDash for managing such a big team professionally and achieve super result

Thanks to Srishti

Author Name : Ananthapriya

My family is so happy that after a long due ,we are blessed with baby boy,Thanks to Srishti hospital and team. They have done wonderful service with personal care in an utmost professional manner. I am being a doctor can appreciate at that.I am particularly grateful to Dr.Sindhu Bhairavi.,MBBS.,DNB for her support and personal care throughout my treatment period. I would not hesitate to recommend Srishti hospital for those couples who has fertility complication.Thanks to Shrishti hospital for their blossom service.

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