Myths & Realities

The word Infertility is complex and frequently misunderstood condition, there are so much confusion surrounding it. Here are a few myths rumoring around us.

  • To get pregnant is easier for many of the women.
  • Infertility is related and limited to women only, and men don’t have trouble with infertility.
  • I will not be having any trouble in conceiving, because I was able to conceive once before.
  • I shall be fertile as long as I ‘m having regular periods.
  • Infertility is more of a psychological problem rather that a physical.
  • Infertility is limited to unhealthy or older couple only.
  • Multiple pregnancies could happen as a result of fertility drug consumption.
  • Infertility treatment is risky and costly.

Realities about Infertility

One in every six couples faces some difficult problem on infertility. Though the cause for infertility would be numerous and it can be attributed to male or female reproductive systems. Infertility normally affects both men and women. But the chance of infertility is more in female than men.

Because infertility disorders can occur in either partner, both the male and female should experience a complete medical evaluation and testing to find out the cause or causes of infertility and then to identify the most appropriate treatment options available.

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