Service Cost

Procedure Fees
IUI Rs 4,500+medicines
IVF/ICSI Consolidated package Rs1.2 -1.4 lakhs(inclusive of Injections , Scan and Consultation)
Frozen embryo transfer(First vial)/Blastocyst transfer NO CHARGES
Embryo cryopreservation (subsequent vial) Rs 30,000/vial/year
TESA Rs 6,000+medicines
Sperm preservation Rs 1,600/sample/year
Donor Egg/Embryo donation Consolidated package Rs1.2 Lakhs
Hysteroscopy(Operative/Diagnostic) Rs 15,000+medicines
Laparoscopy Rs 20,000+medicines

Subsequent cycles of treatment will be given massive discounts with the intention to reduce financial burden and ensure Parenthood.

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