Facilities And Infrastructure

We, at Srishti Hospital, have an area of 5000 sq. Ft. dedicated to IVF (Test tube baby making) only.

It could easily pass off as one of the biggest facilities available in India and internationally, dedicated only for this procedure.

Our fees are 1/5th of that of the United States, United Kingdom or Australia. One of the important reasons for the lower operating costs in India is because the hormonal drugs used in the making of eggs in a woman, cost less in India.

We use Internationally branded equipment and disposables. No compromise on quality of services are made .

The lab is equipped with high end CO2 incubators of International makes , Stereo zoom microscope from Nikon, Inverted microscope from Nikon, Micro manipulators from Research Instruments, UK and Stage warmer R.I, U. K. Oocyte pickup is done in well equipped operating theater under supervision of a qualified anesthesiologist.

We use all disposables of International brands. The oocyte pickup needles are from Cook, Australia. The Embryo transfer catheters are from Wallace or Cook. The culture media is from Medicult, Denmark.

The culture dishes and test tubes from Becton Dickinson, USA.
We do Triple Gas phase incubation of the embryos and grow them to Blastocysts that are about to hatch or hatching – D5 or D6 Embryo Transfer .
We have succeeded reaching high fertility or pregnancy rates.
Thanks to our dedication and determination of our working team.

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