Donor Sperm Program

Srishti Hospital offers a complete choice and supply of donor semen. This provides the patients with a various choice of donors as well as access to the largest supply round the globe. Our donors are very carefully selected primarily to ensure that the semen is of the highest quality, fully tested and scanned to meet high standards. Donor semen is used in a range of treatments from intrauterine insemination (IUI) to IVF and ICSI. This assures (Srishti Hospital) patients of safety and the highest chance of conception.

Srishti Hospital provides different types of Sperm Donor Program
Couples where the male partner is azoopermic (total absence of sperm)
Couples where there is a concern over a known genetic disease
Same sex couples- one of the females can under go this treatment.

sperm donor program in Pondicherry

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