Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a method used as part of an IVF treatment, when the sperm count is either nil or very low in the semen or the quality of sperm is very poor. In this process a powerful individual sperm is injected into the center of an egg to process fertilization.

This treatment can help men whose sperm cannot move the right way or even where the sperm can enter the egg, but are unable to fecundate egg for other reasons. With ICSI, the sperm is not required to travel to the egg or penetrate the outer layers of the egg-it is artificially injected to the egg. In male fertility treatment ICSI has become the most successful technique. ICSI may be recommended when there is a reason to suspect that achieving fertilization may be difficult. ICSI is most often used with couples who are dealing with male infertility factors.

Male infertility factors can include any of the following problems:

– Low sperm counts Poor motility or movement of the sperm

– Poor sperm quality Sperm that lack the ability to penetrate into an egg


This procedure is a big door to parenthood that were earlier closed to some couples with a male factor fertility problem.ICSI gives men with a very low sperm count or other fertility problems a chance of transferring to their genetic child.It is possible to use immature sperm that have been retrieved from the man’s testicles so ICSI can be used.ICSI can also be used to help couples with unexplained reasons.

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