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Muthulekshmi from Madurai in Tamil Nadu, being a kind full she did a lot of good deeds to others. The story of Selvaraj and his wife Rekha, who were struggling to have a child, though Rekha has been incapable of pregnancy. This has pricked Muthulekshmi’s conscience and donated her womb to Selvaraj and Rekha. The couple underwent the Donor Oocyte Program (DOP) in Srishti Hospital.

Donor Oocyte Program (DOP) is a process to produce women who are unable to produce their own egg to achieve pregnancy. This procedure is a form In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), using egg donated by another woman which are fertilized by the recipient’s husband’s sperm. The produced embryo would be transferred to uterus of the recipient.


Donor oocyte Program uses the same technology we use in standard IVF (test tube baby). The donor undergoes ovulation induction with fertility effective medications.

In order to synchronize the process of recipient’s cycle to that of donor doctors use a combination hormonal supplement. Once the recipient is pregnant maintains the hormones of the donor throughout her first three months of pregnancy.

Selvaraj and Rekha are extremely happy with their child. It was Muthulekshmi’s magnanimity and the assured treatment provided by the doctors at Srishti Hospital.


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