The New Srishti Hospital…A New Ideaology

In the seven years of its existence, Srishti Assisted Fertility and Advanced Laparoscopy Center has transformed itself into SRISHTI HOSPITAL, a 25 bedded hospital currently planning expansion to a 100 bedded hospital, by mid 2018. The centers specific areas of expertise are broadly categorized into three areas:

  • Feto-maternal medicine - including high-risk pregnancy care
  • Reproductive medicine - infertility management through technologies like IVF (test tube babies)
  • Clinical obstetrics and gynecology

The new hospital management has worked upon the idea of not only assisting fertility procedures, but also taking forward the successful pregnancies to their logical outcome of having a baby in hand. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures resulting in pregnancies require special care in terms of monitoring, recognizing complications of pregnancy and handling the newborns (which occasionally, might be pre-mature). To provide all services under a single roof, Srishti Hospital stands way ahead of many of its contemporaries, who concentrate on getting the patient pregnant, and not giving them the final outcome I;e the baby.

IVF – Is giving a pregnancy important or a baby more important?

Infertile couples seeking treatment don’t just come to get pregnant…..they come to get their baby. Most fertility centers focus on the point of getting their patients pregnant. This is where, Srishti hospital stands apart. Our endeavor is not only to give you a pregnancy, but to take you through your pregnancy smoothly, and help you to bring your baby into this world. We don’t stop with getting you pregnant; we are there with you till you have your baby, and also beyond. This is in truth, holistic woman and child care, with focus on CURE and CARE for both the mother and child.

IVF pregnancies are a lot different from normal pregnancies. There is a higher rate of spontaneous miscarriage, premature delivery (probably due to higher rate of twin pregnancies in IVF) and a whole range of medical complications like Gestational hypertension and Diabetes, as patients conceiving with IVF are usually older.

These special pregnancies require special obstetric care. With a ‘round the clock’ team of Obstetricians and Mid-wives, Ultra-modern Operating Theatres, well equipped Obstetric Intensive Care Unit, and a state of the art neonatal intensive care unit for the newborn, we have left no stone unturned to hand you over your bundle of joy……..

Taking treatment in a normal fertility center, there is always a concern as to what after a pregnancy ?

After a pregnancy, it is important to recognize and prevent a miscarriage. If a pregnancy goes on well beyond the stage of a miscarriage, the next step is to check for organ anomalies in the baby, which requires the expertise of a FETAL MEDICINE Consultant. The services of this sub-speciality are also available at Srishti Hospital.

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