Early Pregnancy Care

During the initial weeks of pregnancy, your body goes through many changes. Rising hormone levels affect almost every single body organ as your body prepares for the baby. Early pregnancy care is very important because many women experience one or the other kind of pregnancy complication during this time. Regular medical care, therefore, becomes critical.

Maintaining a good diet and exercising also becomes important here. Fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet become essential to increase your intake of vitamins and minerals. Doctors will suggest you keep healthy snacks in hand around the clock, and eat smaller portions of food throughout the day rather than having three big meals. To prevent a drop in blood sugar, protein intake also becomes essential. Red and white meat, seafood, dairy products, cheese, and pulses are good sources of proteins. Folic acid, iron and vitamin supplements are also essential. Along with that regular light exercises will be needed to cope with mental and physical demands of pregnancy.

Thorough investigations and scans play a vital role during this time as they help to detect the location, number and viability of the pregnancy. Investigations include haemoglobin, thyroid, sugar and urine examination. It is thus very important to consult your gynaecologist to seek advice and schedule appointments once your pregnancy is confirmed. At Srishti, we provide expert prenatal and antenatal care. We schedule your appointments in such a way that any potential risks can be prevented beforehand to deliver a healthy baby.

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