Frozen Embryo Replacement Cycle

Muragan and his wife Amutha, hailing from Trichi, Tamil Nadu, were totally depressed after they lost their infant baby during Amutha’s delayed pregnancy. After two years they have heard about the IVF/IMF/ICSI treatments at Srishti Hospital, Puducherry ,India . They consulted S. Dash, Fertility Doctor,(Srishti Hospital). Being in their early thirties and knowing the success rate drops off at 35 they had to make a decision.

They have planned to undergo with Frozen Embryo Replacement Cycle (FERC) treatment. FERC is entirely different from the other artificial insemination techniques. Guess what? – A team at Srishti, transformed the desperate life of the couple. The treatment was accomplished successfully and the family now enjoys all layers of happiness of their parenthood. Thanks to Srishti Murugan says…

frozen embryo replacement in Pondicherry

Like the other conventional treatments, Frozen Embryo replacement cycle does not require the ovaries to be stimulated. Instead Oestrogen is administered, normally in tablet or patch form. This enables the uterine lining to develop for the embryo’s to be replaced. In a Frozen Embryo Replacement Cycle the woman takes medications to prepare her womb to receive these embryos.

An ultrasound scan is performed to assess the lining of the uterus to determine whether it is ready to receive the embryo. Once the lining is ready, embryos are thawed and transferred.


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