How To Treat Infertility??

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Nowadays almost all the couples with unexplained infertility are jumping into IVF (test tube baby) as there is a lack of public awareness of Fertility Enhancing Surgical Procedures. Fertility Enhancing Surgical Procedure (FESP), the benefit of the surgery is that it can allow a couple to conceive on their own. It helps the woman to have more than one pregnancy from a single surgical procedure.

Fertility Enhancing Surgical Procedures


*Â Laparoscopy

These Minimally invasive surgical procedures helps immediate improvement in fertility. In addition the surgeries have short recovery time and minimal scarring.

Hysteroscopic Surgical Procedure

This procedure is done by inserting a thin telescope called Hysteroscope through the cervix into the uterus. Once the hysteroscope is in place saline waters flows into the uterus to open up the uterine cavity, so that it creates a clear picture on a TV monitor.

Hysteroscopic procedures include removal of intrauterine adhesions (Lysis), Removal of fibroids (Myomectomy), Correction of congenital abnormalities such as uterine septum of the uterus. Compared to other more invasive procedures Hysteroscopy is a relatively safe procedure. Shorter hospital stay, shorter recovery time, less pain medication needed after surgery, Possible avoidance of "open" abdominal surgery are the advantages of Hysteroscopy.

Laparoscopic Surgical Procedure

The procedure involves the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes, ovarian cyst and so on. This surgical procedure allows the visualization of the abdominal and pelvic organs including uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries by the insertion of a narrow telescope-like instrument through a small incision in the belly button.

Laparoscopic procedures include repair of the fallopian tubes (Tuboplasty), removal of fibroids (Myomectomy), removal of adhesions (Lysis), removal of cysts from the ovary (ovarian cystectomy), Treatment of endometriosis. The greatest advantage is that Laparoscopic procedures are better cosmetic results with a short recovery time compared to other open surgeries.

The gynecologic surgeons at Srishti Assisted Fertility & Advanced Laparoscopy Center in Pondicherry are experts in Fertility Enhancing Surgical Procedures, offering hysteroscopy and laparoscopic surgery options.

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