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IVF is the answer to couples who want to fulfill their dream of parenthood despite battling infertility issues. ICSI is a specialized form of in vitro fertilization wherein a single sperm is directly injected into an egg to fertilize it, and later the fertilized egg is transferred to the womb. In the last decades, due to the advancement of technology and the introduction of new personalized techniques, the pregnancy rates with IVF have seen a significant increase.

One such protocol or technique that has immensely contributed to this significant improvement is Individualised Controlled Ovarian Stimulation(iCOS).


The conventional controlled ovarian stimulation is generally designed for an average patient, with a one size fit all approach. Though successful for many, this approach may not benefit all patients. An improved understanding of the underlying problem, individual needs, personal and environmental factors have led to the development of personalized ovarian simulation. This technique involves ovarian stimulation to suit each individual infertility condition and her unique characteristics.



The main objective is to offer every woman the best treatment tailored to her body condition, thus maximizing the chance of pregnancy and eliminating the avoidable risks resulting from ovarian stimulation. The main aim is to increase the number of retrieved oocytes considered appropriate and reduce the risk of cycle cancellation.


The essential parameters considered before designing the stimulation for the patient are age, weight, previous history, type of infertility, and ovarian reserve. The bio marker tests that are used to determine women's ovarian reserve are estradiol, FSH, AMH, and AFC.


  • Before the start of the procedure, the doctor prescribes various drugs that help to improve ovarian response and create symmetrical growth of the follicles and maturity of the eggs.
  • The stimulation protocol will be started based on the results obtained from the bio marker tests. A combination of growth hormones individualized to each patient that stimulate the maturity of the resting follicles and allow multiple egg development are administered.
  • Later the doses are adjusted based on the evaluation of hormone levels and ultrasound examinations which reflect the growth of the follicles.
  • Along with the stimulation hormones, ovarian suppression drugs are also administered to avoid premature ovulation of eggs.
  • Once the follicles have grown sufficiently, estradiol levels have risen appropriately, and the oocytes are felt to be mature, triggered shots are administered that induce the ovulation in between 36-44 hours after administration.
  • Finally, the eggs are retrieved using the oocyst aspiration technique generally scheduled after 35 hours of triggered shot administration.

Only an experienced and expertise IVF specialist can design individualized stimulation protocols to bring out positive and successful results.

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