All You Need To Know About Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling

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Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a frequent disorder that is affecting almost 5 to 10% of infertile women. The laparoscopic ovarian drilling is a surgical process which triggers ovulation in females who has PCOS. This particular surgery is not the first choice if a woman is experiencing. This surgery is conducted, only if the woman is unsuccessful in ovulating even after losing weight & trying several fertility medicines.


What does the procedure involve?

Ovarian drilling is conducted through a small incision made around the targeted area. This particular surgery is conducted under general anaesthesia. Firstly the surgeon makes a small cut in the abdomen near the belly button. Next, the surgeon places a tube through the incision with a small amount of CO2 gas so that laparoscope can be inserted through the targeted area. This process is conducted very carefully in order to safeguard the other internal organs. The laparoscope provides a clear vision of the internal organs and helps the surgeon to conduct the surgery efficiently. Through this surgery, few parts of the ovaries are destroyed in order to restore the regular ovulation cycle.

What to expect from the surgery?

Well, about 50% of women who go through this surgery are able to become pregnant as the procedure triggers the normal ovulation process. Ovarian drilling does affect the number of eggs you have left and sometime it might cause early menopause. Post ovarian drilling surgery, your menstrual cycle will get regular and you might get rid of other menstrual complexities like a heavy period or abdominal cramps.

As this is a laparoscopic procedure, you may go home on the same day of the surgery and can get back to normal activities within 24 hours. However, the recovery period varies from person to person.

Choose the right hospital

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