Pregnancy Care for patients with Hypertension

Hypertension is the most common medical problem encountered during pregnancy. Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy are among the leading causes of maternal mortality.

Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy are classified into four categories:

  • Chronic hypertension
  • Pre-eclampsia-eclampsia
  • Pre-eclampsia superimposed on chronic hypertension
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Gestational hypertension refers to hypertension concerned with the latter part of pregnancy (>20 weeks’ gestation) without any other features of preeclampsia, and followed by normalization of the blood pressure. Of women who initially present with apparent gestational hypertension, about one third develops the syndrome of preeclampsia. As such, these patients should be observed carefully for this progression.

Pregnancy also introduces other concerns into traditional treatment plans, since the well-being of the baby must be considered along with that of the mother. The most commonly used treatment options for pregnant women with high blood pressure are:

  • Bed rest and continuous monitoring
  • Short-term (acute) drug therapy
  • Long-term (chronic) drug therapy

In choosing a specific treatment plan, details such as whether the high blood existed before the pregnancy, how far along the pregnancy is, and how well the baby is doing must all be considered.

We have good experience in providing care for pregnant patients with hypertension.

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