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Fertility is a divine gift for all things living. It can be defined as the natural capability of a being to produce its offspring. Successful conception of a baby, its growth and parenthood are some of the most beautiful phases of a human life.

The process of conception is both magical and miraculous. For successful conception of a baby, fertilisation should occur. Fertilisation can be defined as a natural process of fusion of egg or ovum from the woman with the sperm of the male partner. It leads to the formation of an embryo, which slowly grows within the womb into your precious one.

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Process of Conception

Conception or rather fertilisation marks the initial phase of a pregnancy. The platform for the growth of a baby is laid in the womb of the mother about 14 days before the onset of periods or to be more specific, during the ovulation, when a matured egg is released from the ovary.

During sexual intercourse millions of sperm are deposited in the vagina. Most sperms die along the way to the womb and fallopian tubes for fertilisation. Only the best survives. Out of these the best quality and healthiest sperm fuses with the egg to form a zygote.


The process of fission follows fusion, where the zygote cells undergo cell division, to form a cluster of cells called morula. It undergoes a series of biological changes and leads to the formation of a blastocyst which gets implanted in the uterus by the sixth day of fertilisation. The entire implantation process is over by the about 11 days of fertilisation.

The blastocyst develops and grows to an embryo and later to a foetus over the nine months of pregnancy.

Infertility and Treatment

The failure of conception due to failed fertilisation or implantation after repeatedly trying for a year can be deemed as an infertility disorder. This can occur due to many reasons, most of which are treatable. Some of the popular solutions for infertility include Artificial Reproductive Techniques such as IVF, IUI, ICSI and so on.

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