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Know Fertility...

Fertility is a divine gift for all things living. It can be defined as the natural capability of a being to produce its offspring. Successful conception of a baby, its growth and parenthood are some of the most beautiful phases of a human life. The process of conception is both magical and miraculous. For successful conception of a baby, fertilisation should occur. Fertilisation can be defined as a natural process of fusion of egg or ovum from the woman with the sperm of the male partner. It leads to the formation of an embryo, which...

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Date :2017-12-09 Writen By :Srishti Hospital

IN VITRO FERTILISATION ( IVF) - A Ray of Hope for Infertile Couples

Couples who have tried repeatedly to conceive with a child but have not succeeded, need medical intervention at times. One of these procedures is called Assisted Reproductive Technology, commonly known as ART. ART helps couples start a family with a wide range of fertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Maturation (IVM), Vitrification (The Fast-Freezing Method), Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), etc. The widely popular ART is In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). This treatment basically collects the couple's sperms and eggs in a Petri dish or a glass dish (which is...

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Laparoscopic Gynaecological Surgery

Over the last few years, Gynaecologic Laparoscopy, a field in medicine has advanced very rapidly. This procedure is not only used for diagnosis and tubal ligation, but also a major surgical operation to treat gynaecological disorders. Laparoscopy has become one of the best surgical procedures are handled by gynaecologists. Laparoscopy is is a minimal invasive technique for performing surgery. In the early days, this technique was commonly used only for gynecologic surgery and for gall bladder surgery. over the last five years the use of this minimal invasive surgical procedure has expanded into every...

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