Date :2018-05-17 Writen By :Srishti Hospital

Hysteroscopic Guided Biopsy : The Accurate Diagnostic Method

Are you worried about those few symptoms that have been disturbing you? Few symptoms that have been indicative of polyps? A major portion of women suffers from the uterine issues like polyps, hyperplasia or cancer. The hysteroscopic guided biopsy is the best diagnostic method available to solve the same.   Endometrial polyps are small non-cancerous growth found in the inner lining of uterus, the endometrium. They are mainly caused by the overgrowth of the cells in the endometrium. Endometrial polyps if not diagnosed earlier and not treated well can result in the serious conditions leading to...

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Date :2020-01-13 Writen By :Srishti Hospital

Role of hysteroscopic polypectomy

Embryo transfer is considered to be a step in the process of assisted reproduction wherein embryos would be placed into the uterus. Complications or issues could be common for many couples who have faced multiple IVF failures or who seek embryo transfer. A doctor would recommend to scan and identify to make sure there are no complications before an embryo transfer. Hysteroscopic polypectomy is one of the methods that doctors perform to evaluate issues with the uterine cavity. The doctor will try to check if there are any polyps or septums that becomes a hindrance...

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