Date :2016-10-24 Writen By :Srishti Hospital

Infertility Treatments in Pondicherry

Over past few years, infertility has become a common issue for couples. A controversy was raised up for this issue pointing that females only have infertility problems. Later, it was found that males also can have this problems. Infertility is the condition when couple cannot have a kid after one year of intercourse. Diseases and ageing are the main causes of it. Infertility is just a word, not a disease. And this word never mean that you can't have a child. This problems can be treated by different procedures and by using the drugs...

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Date :2021-03-24 Writen By :Srishti Hospital

Witness systems in IVF - RFID system

Witness systems using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) monitor all activities in the IVF laboratory to mitigate the risk of human error and eliminate the chances of a sample mismatch. This system safeguards every step of the IVF cycle by tracking the sperm and egg(s) throughout the procedures right from sperm and egg collection, laboratory procedures, embryo and sperm freezing process, till embryo transfer process. Wireless disposable chips are used from the beginning of treatment which is matched with the patient’s card. Due to this all processes undergo a wireless verification both in the laboratory...

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